Why You Should Not Use Old Garage Door Tracks

Why You Should Not Use Old Garage Door Tracks

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The garage door is important because it guides the rollers while the door is opening or closing. If it is in really good shape, not only does the door move efficiently but even quietly. If it gets damaged in any way, it can also damage the other parts. Even if you managed to maintain the track quite well, there comes a time when it needs to be replaced simply because it is old and overused.Why You Should Not Use Old Garage Door Tracks

There are plenty of risks in using old garage door tracks.

First, it can easily get clogged by debris, grit, grime, and other impurities, which can wear down the rollers. Even if you replace the rollers, they still won’t serve their purpose with debris blocking their way. As a result, the door will only open halfway or it might not even open at all. Another risk of using an old track is it gets bent easily which can prevent the door from opening. When this happens, better to seek the assistance of one of our specialists for bent garage door track repair.

As mentioned earlier, an old track can damage other parts of the door. Owing to the tension, lifting the door takes longer, and this can loosen the springs. There is even a chance that they might break down entirely! All that rust, corrosion, and impurities in the track could also wear down the cables. The biggest hazard of using old tracks is that it can cause injuries. If you try opening a worn out garage door, it might not be able to support its own weight anymore and collapse.

All in all, it is better to upgrade the tracks to avoid facing any of these dangers. Once your garage door makes creaky noises, you should take this as a sign that it needs a bit of upgrading. Apart from replacing or repairing the necessary parts, consider installing other safety features.

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