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Make your overhead door safe

Your overhead door will be safe when the right components are chosen and the whole system is maintained properly and regularly. Although all overhead garage door parts are important, your safety mostly depends on the good condition of the overhead door springs and the opener sensors. So, give priority to their maintenance.

Electric openers are safe

Modern electric garage door openers are safe as long as they have inherited safety sensors and usually they all do. At least, all major opener manufacturers comply with the UL 325 guidelines and have the necessary entrapment devices, which ensure safe operation. Though, you must remember that opener maintenance must take place frequently and sensors must be checked often.

Don’t attempt to open the garage door when you have a broken spring

If you try to do it with the opener, you will strain its hardware and motor immensely. This can easily cause serious damage to the components. If you disconnect the opener and try to open the door by hand, the cables may get twisted around the rollers. More importantly, manual opening when the spring doesn’t work is extremely difficult and dangerous.

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