Replacing The Torsion Spring In Your Garage Door

Replacing The Torsion Spring In Your Garage Door

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“CRACK!” A broken down torsion spring? Then it’s time for replacement! Many a times the torsion spring in your garage door will break without any notice, especially if it has worn out its life span. For many, this is a dreaded moment because it may catch them unaware and probably when they are just about to leave for work, or going to the mall for grocery and supplies. The garage door springs play a very important role of lifting up the garage door. Prior to a person experiencing this problem for the first time, many do not fully understand how their garage doors operate.Replacing The Torsion Spring In Your Garage Door

How to go about it

First of all do not panic. If your car is locked in, then you can take a cab or just take a walk if your place of business is just a block away. Torsion springs are an important part of your garage system by providing the lift necessary to open the door. Do not try to lift the door partly because if you trip, the door has an estimated 250 pounds of force that can smash into you or your car, which can result to grave damage. However, you can temporarily do a garage door torsion spring repair by using the slicing springs technique, or have a garage door torsion spring replacement by hiring a professional from the garage door company in your New Territory, Taxes.

What is the cost?

The typical garage door torsion spring cost will vary depending on the model, and also the garage door service provider in your New Territory. Companies will vary the price depending on their popularity and quality of service rendered, but it would cost you roughly $120 for a single spring and $ 189 for two springs, with inclusive services of the technician tuning your garage door.

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